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freddy jones

You knew that someday—somehow—you’d be back to this place.  As a teen, this was where it all began.  Maybe “the place” was your parent’s basement, or maybe a band mate’s garage.  It was here where you felt that first twinge of musical inspiration, feeding off of other’s creativity, influences and playing styles.

Then responsibility called. You answered.  You went off to school. You took that nice-paying job.  You got married.  You raised a family.

With these priorities accomplished, you get a reward: a visit back to your musical past.

Welcome to The Shed, a private, musician’s club, inspired by those who never really let go of their dream.  With 3,000 square feet of luxurious, ultra-cool space, The Shed is all the things your parent’s basement wasn’t: hard-to-find, secluded and soundproof.

And this time, you can play as late as you want.

As a member, you (and your band) are welcome to schedule blocks of time for rehearsing, jamming, or just hanging out.  For those a bit more serious about their music, we can record your band’s tracks here, and immediately upload them to iTunes.  Or, for the truly tech-savvy, we can help you produce your own video, or live stream your performances.

Having an event? The Shed is the perfect venue for all kinds of parties.  With a top-notch bar and both wide open and cozy spaces, a party at The Shed is the perfect alternative.

You’ll discover The Shed as a place where you can join others just like you, and feel musically inspired—once again.

Welcome to The Shed.