Enjoy The Shed Your Way


Welcome to The Shed,

where you can jam, rehearse, attend workshops, concerts and more!

The Shed is open to the public at large. 
You do NOT need to be a member to benefit from all of our services.  
Membership is designed for the frequent user to obtain package discounts.


Jamming & Rehearsing
Categories of Usage


This is designed for the individual/group that has a sporadic desire to rehearse, but does not practice enough to validate a full membership. While you do not have to be a full member to enjoy all that The Shed has to offer, discounts and other perks do not apply for PAYG users.



Perfect for the individual who wants to come and meet other musicians, network and jam.  Great place to form new bands. Pay a nominal annual fee and receive:

  • FREE jams (3-4 a month)
  • Discounts on workshops, party room rentals and more
  • Rehearsal room discounts



You may have regular set weekly practice needs, or maybe just need a once a month tune-up.  Each of our three practice rooms come complete with full back line (PA, amps, keyboard and drum kits). Groups pay a nominal annual fee and then choose your intended monthly usage. The more hours you secure, the less your hourly rate is per month.  The bearer of this membership also becomes an automatic Community Member!

  • Bronze category: up to 4 hrs a month
  • Silver category: up to 8 hrs a month
  • Gold category: up to 12 hrs a month
  • Platinum category: 20+ hrs a month
  • Custom categories available too!



Individuals or groups who want to practice and have unlimited access to The Shed without keeping track of rehearsal hours can choose this membership. Certain advance reservation timing required.  Guests can be brought in at published rates. The bearer(s) of this membership also become(s) an automatic Community Member!

To learn more about how to become a member, call us at (847) 780-4944 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.